Company Arkmaster is the manufacturer of interior arches, perforated panels, baffles for heating battery - Arkmaster

We produce the simple functional solutions for an attractive interior.

Company Arkmaster is the manufacturer of interior arches, perforated panels, baffles for heating battery

Already approximately two decades the company “ArcMaster” produces the aesthetic and functional interior items of high quality at the affordable cost. During this time we became the first-class specialists and the true experts in working with materials such as MDF and HDF. We have carefully analyze and constantly improve the technology of processing and manufacturing the products made of these materials, we know how they behave in those or other operating conditions. Today we offer three main product groups, the products of which are made of MDF and HDF: interior arches, perforated panels and baffles for heating battery.

The goal of our company is not just to create interior elements but to bring the comfort and safety to customers’ home. We manufacture the products for people so all of our products are natural, environmentally friendly and very pleasant to the touch. Our motto is: “The best and natural for the house”. Each of our products, each design project arises from a sincere desire to make the people’s lives more comfortable that is why our products are in demand.

We are inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature we take the best from it to our products. We use only the high-quality proven raw materials. All our products are subjected to the repeated testing at all stages of production, packaging, storage, delivery and distribution and the products have the certificates of safety and environmental friendliness. It deals with not only to the basic materials but also the adhesives, paints and other materials accompanying the production of our products. Constantly improve the technology and production standards are our immutable rule.

The product of our production has been known for a long time in the market of finishing materials and has a large range of admirers: products made by “ArkMaster” are annually purchased by tens of thousands of customers throughout the country.

We propose to our partners a huge choice of products from more than fifty models with the different types of finishes, color solutions and a variety of stylistic options in the decoration of the premises. We manufacture the products, including on the individual order, creating the unique and inimitable interior items. Our own woodworking in St. Petersburg gives our customers the guarantee that we will provide or produce the products you need in fairly short times.

The delivery of our products is carried out in any scope in any regions of the Russian Federation and the countries from CIS. Over the years of our work in the market we have built the reliable logistics that ensures the prompt and timely delivery of our goods.

Our products are not just the functional and high quality they are aesthetically attractive and have the unique features. They reflect the mission of our entire company and the individuality of each of the employees who are participated in the production.

We carefully examine the market and always offer the solutions for the market that are in demand. The customer is looking for products of our production in the shops.