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Interior archees

The interior arch is an element of the interior that came to us from the Ancient East. This is the ideal interior solution for space zoning. It visually extends the premise giving it the exquisite sophistication, lightness, elbow -room and laconic loveliness. This is the unique element of decor with a wide range of possibilities for design experiments. The arches from the «ArkMaster» company perfectly fit into any interior – from the classical to the modern.

  • In the production of arches the pine wood and MDF materials are used, namely thematerial closest to the natural wood. Environmentally friendly materials are the guarantee of the healthy atmosphere in your home;
  • There are 29 options for finishing the arches: the pine wood, veneered by the fine wood, laminated, unfinished and decorated in «Antique» style;
  • There are all the necessary elements for installation in the arch’s set;
  • The modular design allows you to install the arch in the opening with the width up to 2045 mm. The elements can be shortened by the hacksaw.

Type «Renault»

The distinctive feature of arches of «Renault» type is the combination of the classical semicircular shape of the vaults and the possibility of mounting in the rectangular opening without additional processing of the corners

Type «Romance»

The arches of the «Romance» type are classical, with the full-centred arch. «Roman» arches are represented by several models which differ in the internal radius of the vault and the width of the platband.

Type «British»

The arches of «British» type represent a quarter of the circle which allows them to harmoniously fit into spaces with the low ceilings.

Type «Quadro»

Arches of the «Quadro» type have a laconic rectilinear shape which creates a sense of open space, light and sharpness of lines.