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Арка Квадро
kvadroРазмеры арки "Квадро"

Arch “Quadro”

Complete set

  • Platband (L = 2370 mm, H = 100 mm) – 4 pcs.
  • Coffering (L = 1185 mm, H = 100 mm)
  • The inner intermediate plate (L = 2440 mm, H = 210 mm 1) -2 pcs.
  • Internal intermediate plate (L = 1120 mm, H = 210 mm 1) – 1 pcs.
  • Decorative square (110х110х25 mm) -4 pcs.
  • Banquette (120х110х25 mm) – 4 pcs.


After installing the arch the opening is reduced by:

  • 18 millimeters in height,
  • 38 millimeters in width


The size of the packed arch: 2444х210х80 mm.

The average weight of a packed arch: 21 kg.

Type of arches finishing

Type of arches finishing
Type of arches finishing

Some stock numbers are done only proving that the goods are ordered by wholesale not less than 30 pcs. The list of such stock numbers can be found in the summary table of types of finishing of the arches.


The laconic rectangular shape of the arch “Quadro” creates the sense of open space, light, precision and clarity of lines. The decorative elements highlight the elegance of the opening. Three types of finishing and the variety of color options make the arch a valuable find for the designer and decorator, inspiring the interior a modern style.

The interior arch “Quadro” ash veneer of 2300 mm in length is completed with bubble wrap, so the maximum height of the wall opening for the arch installation is 2300 mm, and after installation it is 2285 mm.