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Арка Пальметта
palmettaРазмеры арки "Пальметта"Арка ПальметтаАрка Пальметта

Arch “Palmetta”

Complete set

  • Platband (L = 1800 mm, H = 100 mm)
  • Coffering (R internal = 380 mm) — 4 pcs
  • Insert board (L = 400 mm, H = 100 mm) — 2 pcs
  • Internal intermediate plate (L = 2000 mm, H = 210 mm 1) — 3 pcs
  • Square (110х110х25 mm) — 4 pcs.
  • Banquette (120x110x25 mm) — 4 pcs.
  • Cornice connection (110x250x55 mm) (a) or cornice (130x270x25 mm) – 2 pcs.


After installing the arch the opening is reduced by:

  • 18 millimeters in height,
  • 36 millimeters wide.


The size of the packed arch: 2030x419x50 mm.

The average weight of the packed arch: 22 kg

Type of arches finishing

Type of arches finishing
Type of arches finishing

Some stock numbers are done only proving that the goods are ordered by wholesale not less than 30 pcs. The list of such stock numbers can be found in the summary table of types of finishing of the arches.


Palmetta (French palmette) is the floral ornament in the form of fan-shaped leaf of a palm tree. This delicate and elegant ornament adorns the arch cover of “Palmetta”,bringing to the interior natural motifs and grace. The rectangular shape of the arch cover provides easy installation. The width of the plat band is 100 mm. The laminated MDF, characterized by water-resistance and durability is represented in such nature-inspired hues as the Italian walnut, Melaleuca Cajaputi, Oak milk-white and others. The decor and the shape of the arch allow you to include this unusual element of the decor of the premise in different stylistic options of design: “etno”, Mediterranean, antique, colonial, eclectic, country, classic styles and others.